The name of this little town comes from the same legend which also gave its name to St. Tropez: In the year 78 a.Ch.roman officer Torpes who still adhered to the christian doctrine, has been convicted to death by Nero, and together with a dog and a rooster adrift in a boat. This boat stranded on the beach of today St. Tropez and was made to the patron saint of the coastal town. The cock (le coq) was the namesake and emblem of Cogolin.
What Cogolin is known for above all, are the world-famous briar pipes made ​​from birch roots, which grow around Cogolin.
Also worth a visit is the weekly market, which always takes place on Wednesdays and Saturday mornings.
It must be distinguished between Cogolin and Marines de Cogolin - while Cogolin is located about 5 km in the inland, the settlement Marines de Cogolin overlooks the sea and has a beach and a small harbor.