Climate and travel seasonKlima und Reisezeit
Opening hours of our dive center, weather, sea, temperatures...
Which wetsuit?Welcher Tauchanzug?
Which wetsuit is "suitable" here?
Language, country and its people Sprache - Land und Leute
Only french, or also english ;-)?
Money and payment Geld und Zahlungsmittel
How can I pay?
Tips Trinkgeld
Tip included? How much tip is expected here?
Health, decompression chamber, doctorsGesundheit, Druckkammer, Ärzte
First-aid-kit, Checklists, necessary imunizations...
Diplomatic representations Diplomatische Vertretungen
German and swiss representations in south france.
Opening hours Öffnungszeiten
Opening hours (Shops, campings,...)
Voltage 1_1
Voltage and adapters
Time difference Zeitverschiebung
Time zone south france