Medical certification, brevet, logbook

For FUN dives you need a valid medical diving certificate (less than 12 months old), your highest certification card and your logbook. If you participate in diving courses the medical certificate must not be older that 3 months.

Dive insurance

Please bring us proof of your dive-liability insurance (including esp. diving). If you do not have insurance, which specifically includes the sport of diving, you can do this with us for 10,- €. In any case, we need a valid insurance by law.
Recognized instructional liability insurances are e.g.: VDST membership (proof of paid membership fee!), DAN, PADI Pro Divemaster insurance or PADI PRO insurance. Also, your personal liability is valid, if diving accidents included explicitly. Please clarify this with your insurer before and let them send you a proof. We also recommend to take an accident insurance for diving.

Dive rules

A check dive is required for all divers. Instructors may be exempted from the check dive! The check dive can be done from the beach or, depending on the assessment of the instructor of the EDS, directly on a boat dive. For more experienced divers the standard exercises (mask underwater signs, ...) can be controlled at the beginning of a dive - this dive will be continued as normal FUN dive. We charge NO extra costs for the check dive!
Maximum total dive time is 59 minutes! For longer dives, you can book special packages.

For your own safety 1 computer per diver for guided dives is dictated, for autonomous divers 1 computer + a surface marker buoy with rope (better Reel and buoy with pressure relief valve). Spools and wound up lines e.g. on lead weight are not advisable!


1* CMAS Diver: Until 20 m with guidance of a 3* diver or a dive instructor.
2* CMAS Diver: Until 40 m with guidance of a 3* diver or a dive instructor. Until 20 m the 2* diver is alowed to dive autonomous with another 2* or higher level diver.
3* CMAS Diver: The only dive level (instead of dive instructor TL) who is allowed to dive autonomous until 60 m in France. Further more he is allowed to lead a group of divers of a lower level in the permitted depth of the lowest brevet of the group.

Please check with your association if your 3* brevet is accepted as a group leader! For example in germany only the 3* of the association VDST is accepted as a group leader. For details please ask your diving association if they have an agreement with the french association FFESSM.

PADI (according to PADI, see Instructor MANUAL, PADI)

The PADI rules are accepted in France - you are allowedto dive according to the dive rules of PADI!


OWD diver: Until max. 18 m.
AOWD, Rescue, Dive Master, OWSI, etc.: Until max. 30 m.
With DEEP DIVER SPECIAL: AOWD, Rescue, Dive Master, OWSI: Until max. 40 m.

Only no-decompression-dives, because PADI educates in sport diving only no-decompression-dives.

PADI TEC REC is not yet accepted in france. Please check with your association which possibilities you have, to dive deeper than
40 m.

Deeper than 40 m only with CMAS 3*!
Deeper than 60 m only with CMAS 3* and the according TRIMIX brevet!