La Poursuivante - French destroyer from the 1. world war

Drive time: 5 minutes, depth: 45 - 60m

The Poursivante was built on the 4th of august 1936. After an accident on 27th of november 1942 tthe ship was disarmed and replaced with another war ship. In 1947 the Poursivante was sold to italy, and sank on the 19th of oktober 1947 because of unknown circumstances in front of Cap Camarat.

The Poursivante has a lenght of 80,7 m, and a breadth of 7,72 m.

Their 22,000-hp boiler accelerated this torpedo boat to 34.5 knots. Their armament consisted of two 100mm guns, two 550mm torpedo tubes and several 13.2 mm anti-aircraft machine guns. A grenade launcher at the rear completed the equipment. During the Spanish War the Poursuivante was bombed by 2 grenades. On the beginning of the 2nd World War, the ship took part on the CABO operation. After the French capitulation she was ordered on 27.11.1942 for self-absorption near Toulon, to avoid being handed over to the German forces. Although she was retrieved on July 1st in 1943, the Poursivante took no longer part on the war the following years.

Today the ship is broken into two parts at a depth of 58m. The fracture provides a view into the interior of the hull, diving into the wreck is due to hanging metal braces not possible. The longer piece of the bow is upturned and particularly impresses by its enormous size, while the shorter rear end is lying on its side and can be dived well. The rudder system and the enormous propeller holding proves to be worth seeing. Here you can find the only intact area of ​​compositions. Bigger shoals of fish are seen less frequently here, but it can be found here often conger eels, moray eels and lobsters.

Around 5 minutes boat trip from the diving center.