Le Ramon Membru, Cargo ship, length 80m

Drive time: 30 minutes, depth 10 – 20 m

Built in 1873, the ship sank after an explosion on board in June 1921. The exact circumstances are not clear yet. The ship, which was built by the shipyard Gilbert & Cooper in Hull (UK), at that time named "Elguezabal, Ballesreros II", was a technical novelty: it had five watertight steel bulkheads, which extended over the entire length of the fuselage. With its measures of 80 m length, 11 m width and a water displacement of 1153 tons, it was one of the biggest ships of that time.
After many years of service, the ship was finally renamed to the name "Ramon Membru". On a dark night in June in 1921, the ship was convulsed by a massive explosion and sank rapidly beyond the harbor entrance of Cavalaire in the floods. The 37-man-Crew could be rescued by the approaching steamship “Cabo Vilano”. Neather the reason for the explosion nor the composition of cargo could be clarified, you suspect that the “Ramon Membru was used as a smuggling ship.

The wreck lies at a depth of 17 – 22 m in the harbor of Cavalaire, which makes the trip there sometimes challenging. Especially during the season, when expected heavy boat traffic, it is recommended to ascent on the anchor line and with a signal buoy.
Because of the explosion and the long time in shallow water the wreck itself is damaged quite much. Lying on its side, only the port side of the ship stretches towards the viewer. You can find a mess of steel plates, pipes and twisted metal, which gives the entire wreck a sad and desolate atmosphere. The wreck lies on sparsely vegetated sand bottom, the fish population is low. Among the ruins you sometimes can discover individual shrimp or smaller lobsters. With its depth and mostly easy conditions, it is relatively an easy dive.

Approx. 35 minutes boat ride from the base.