Junior CMAS 1*
  • This dive license in your first step into the international dive world.
  • You can do the CMAS 2* from the age of 9 - 14 years.
  • This license can be partly imputed on the equivalent adult license.
  • Your knowledge in diving will be intensified and specified.
  • The course contains theoretical lessons and practical training in shallow und deeper water.
  • Maximum depth at the age of 8 - 9 years is 3 m, 10 - 11 years is 5 m, 12 - 13 years 10 m.
  • Complete course duration: 3 - 4 days.

  • With this license you are allowed to dive all over the world (Chip-card ID with your information)

What you need:

For your dive course, you need a medical certification, which is not older that 3 months. You can also do the medical examination here in St. Tropez for around 35,- €, but we recommend to do it at your general practitioner - he knows you the best!