• This continuative course to the Junior AOWD (JAOWD) educates you in several special topics like
    wreck, navigation, deep or boat diving.
  • We recommend to do this course directly after the JOWD course.
  • The Junior AOWD can be done from 12 - 15 years, at the age of 15 it can be transcribed to the license
    "Advanced Open Water Diver (OWD)".
  • The course is the same like the equivalent AOWD course for adults, except that the attendant is limited to 18 meters
    and has to be accompnied by an adult.
  • For the exercises need at least 5 dives, recommodation are 8 dives.
  • The course contains theoretical lessons (Book/Video/lesson).
  • Complete course duration: 2 - 3 days.
  • Requirement: Junior OWD license or equivalent brevet.


What you need:

For your dive course, you need a medical certification, which is not older that 3 months. You can also do the medical examination here in St. Tropez for around 35,- €, but we recommend to do it at your general practitioner - he knows you the best!


 Dollar SWPrice

JAOWD 140,- € plus dives, equipment and license charge 40,- € (Preparation of your dive card from the association)