Diving NITROX is the link between SPORT- and TEC-diving.

Initially it was believed that NITROX is only suitable for technical diving is. But this is not the case. NITROX is with its low part of nitrogen is one of the best and healthiest breathing gases in scuba diving.

Until recently, air was the most popular gas, because it was the widely used and the cheapest gas. This is changing increasingly, because normal breathing air contains the highest nitrogen content. It is now increasingly losing his good image and more and more seen as one of the worst breathing gases in scuba diving.
The advantages of Nitrox are proven. It is widely available and only a small or even no difference in price compaired to normal air.

Further benefits of  NITROX:

Low carbonation of nitrogen

Expansion of no-decompression-times.

Higher safety at decompression dives.

More safety for repeating dives.

Less exhaustion.

Especially important if you do more than 1 dives a day or many dives withing sequent days!