Internationally recognized beginner diving course


A qualified education is the most important thing!

There are several recognized associations around the world where you can get your first diving certificate.
These all offer the beginner's certificate, which is the first step into the diving world for you.

After an initial discussion, we select the appropriate association for you, and train you according to the internationally recognized guidelines.

Important for your start

  • Experience diving for the first time while Discover Scuba Diving. This is the first step to determine if diving is for you. Experience the fascination under water!
  • The next step is the internationally recognized diving certificate - your entry into the diving world! With the first diving license you can dive all over the world. The beginner courses include first theoretical knowledge, practical diving in shallow water and dives from the boat in deeper water. The diving course will be held according to one of the two largest diving associations (CMAS or PADI). For an additional charge, we can also certify you with both associations.
  • The minimum age is 14 years, for young people from 10 years there is the corresponding "Junior" certificate.
  • With your diving certificate you can dive all over the world.

Bring along

For your diving course you need a medical diving suitability certificate that is not older than 3 months.
You can also make this certificate here with us in Saint-Tropez for about 35 €. We recommend you to do this with your doctor at home, because he knows you the best.


Beginner diving course (according to PADI or CMAS): 679 €
Includes rental diving equipment, boat trips, license (card/brevet/certificate) and book

You can find our current price list here:


You can complete your beginner diving course as PADI Open Water Diver or CMAS 1*. Further information here:


PADI Open Water Diver

Open Water Diver

Discover the underwater world!

The Open Water Diver (OWD) is the entry level diving certificate of the PADI Association and your first step into the international diving world. With this certificate (credit card like plastic card with your information and your photo) you can dive all over the world.

You can do the OWD from the age of 15. For teenagers of 10 to 15 years the "Junior Open Water Diver" is offered (see Kids Diving).



CMAS 1* Bronze

Your first step into weightlessness!

The training for CMAS 1* is the first step into the diving world from 14 years.

With this certificate (credit card like plastic card with your information and your photo) you can dive all over the world. Junior 1*, 2*, 3* and basic certification can be credited. For example, basic diving theory (not older than 15 months).

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