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What do I need for check-in on site?

Brevet (diving certificate, dive card), logbook, medical certificate, proof of diving insurance (if available, see below), Nitrox certification (if you want to dive Nitrox). The logbook you get right back, the rest after the last dive.

How old can the diving medical certificate be?

Maximum 1 year for fun divers, maximum 3 months for dive students.

You can find our diving conditions here:

Do I need a dive insurance?

Yes. Do you have no, e.g. from aqua med, DAN or VDST, you can book one with us for the duration of your stay.

You can find our diving conditions here:

Do you offer Nitrox an?

Yes, in Saint-Tropez and Hyères we offer you, with the appropriate certification, Nitrox 32 and 28 at no extra charge.

Which payment methods do you accept?

Cash, check, no credit or debit cards

How much is a fun dive?

It depends on whether you have your own equipment. You can find our current price list here:

Are there dive packages?

Yes, you can find our current price list here:

Can I dive my dive package in all dive centers?

Yes, with pleasure!

How long does the Discover Scuba Diving last and what does it contain?

Registration, equipment fitting, short theory, dive from the beach and dive from the boat.

How long does a Beginner Dive Course take?

3 to 4 days, depending on how often you come to the dive center each day.

How long does a fun dive trip take?

Usually 2 hours. Depending on the distance to the dive site it may be a bit shorter or longer.

With which certification may I dive what dives?

In France, there are the following depth restrictions by law:
CMAS 1* (Bronze): 20 meters maximum depth
CMAS 2* (Silver): 40 meters maximum depth
CMAS 3* (Gold): 60 meters maximum depth
CMAS 3* (Gold) and corresponding tec certification: 60+ meters

You can find our diving conditions here:

I do not have a CMAS certification. What are the equivalence depths for my certification?

PADI/SSI OWD: 20 meters maximum depth
PADI/SSI AOWD, Rescue Diver, Divemaster, DiveCon without Deep Diver certification: 30 meters maximum depth
PADI/SSI AOWD, Rescue Diver, Divemaster, DiveCon with Deep Diver certification: 40 meters maximum depth
Deeper than 40 meters only with CMAS 3*, deepers than 60 meters only with Full Trimix certification and CMAS 3*.

You can find our diving conditions here:



Where can I stay?

Best is inside the holiday villages at the respective diving school, otherwise anywhere outside the holiday villages. In the holiday villages, there are many different accommodations from small to large, from very cheap to slightly upscale.

How can I book my accommodation in the holiday village at the dive center?

You can comfortably book and pay for your accommodation through us. So you get everything out of one hand and have only one contact person for all questions.


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