Nitrox for free

bild button nitroxWith us you dive Nitrox 32 in Saint-Tropez and Nitrox 28 in Hyères for free!

Nitrox Diving is the link between scuba diving and tec diving.

Initially it was believed that Nitrox is only interesting for technical diving. But this is not the case! Nitrox with its low nitrogen content is the best and healthiest breathing gas in scuba diving.

Until recently, compressed air was still the most popular gas because it was the most widely used and cheapest gas. This is changing increasingly. Since normal breathing air contains the highest nitrogen content, today it is increasingly regarded as the worst breathing gas in scuba diving.

The benefits of Nitrox are proven. It is available everywhere and priced only little to no difference to compressed air.

Other advantages of Nitrox

  • Less saturation of nitrogen
  • Longer no-decompression limits
  • More safety with decompression dives
  • More safety in repetitive dives
  • Fatigue-free diving
  • Very important especially with more than one dive a day!
  • Extremely important for many dives within several days!

Learn diving with Nitrox

With us you can make your Nitrox diving license, which allows you to dive with Nitrox worldwide. Click here.

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